HEVIN'S SPEAR is the second book in the diptych, the sequel to SORYANA'S SPEAR, and it publishes on 9/5/22!  It concludes the story and answers all your questions.  It ends the 37-year effort to tell this epic fantastic story. 

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Back Cover Blurb:

"When the Smiths showed up in the forest near Paula Rubin’s cabin, she had no idea where they were from nor did she care. She only saw them in her dreams, after all. There also is “Sad Billy”--an entity whose thoughts she can channel while in altered states.


Then, things began changing in her waking life. Not only hers. Big changes. Her boss at the mine, Jerry, has taken it on himself to be her guardian. He has secrets. So does Paula’s friend, Kayla.


Paula is at the epicenter of something huge and she has no idea. She has been tasked with sending a message. What message? By whom? To whom? Why?"

The eight-book series from which SORYANA'S SPEAR is excerpted, plus portions of HEVIN'S SPEAR, tells the epic saga.  

These genre-bending books have elements of science fiction, magical realism/speculative fiction, & allegory.  If you are a fan of the work of Carlos Castaneda & Toltec ontology, or Salman Rushdie's writing style, you will be delighted by these books. Author writes under pen names Samuel Rose, Erika Denkle, Berndt Olafsen.

Are you a Scout?™

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